Twitter Announces New API and Establishes API Development Roadmap

Less than a day removed from a security breach that led to several high profile Twitter accounts being hacked, Twitter is moving forward with the announcement of an all-new API. V2 of the Twitter API is intended to provide developers with a more robust feature set and a simplified path to advanced data access.

The API enhancements included in V2 are a result of direct feedback from developers via tweets, focus groups, and Twitter Developer labs. Developer Labs is a Platform that allows developers to work with and provide feedback on Twitter’s latest technological developments. The new API focuses on adding the sort of flexibility and scalability that reflects the demands of Twitter’s diverse userbase. Twitter is adding new “elevated access options” and new “product tracks” in an attempt to provide tailored options that will appeal to a broad set of developers.

The Twitter API V2 represents a ground-up rebuild, with a focus on offering a combination of simplicity and a robust feature set. Specific new features mentioned in the announcement include: conversation threading, poll results in Tweets, pinned Tweets on profiles, spam filtering, and a more powerful stream filtering and search Query Language.

As for the platform’s new access options, Twitter is working to streamline top-to-bottom access to the platform via access leveling. Previously Twitter’s V1 APITrack this API offered tiers that provided more uniquely disparate experiences, leading to difficulty moving between tiers. The company hopes that unifying these experiences into one API experience will allow for a more seamless experience as the developer’s needs change. From now on all Developers regardless of their product track (more on this in a second) will have a path to advanced data access.

V2 introduces the idea of product tracks, tailored pathways designed to facilitate specific use cases. The new API will feature three separate pathways: Standard, Academic Research, and Business. Each pathway will have unique data access requirements while sharing a similar overall experience.

Additionally, Twitter is launching a new Developer Portal and establishing an API roadmap, both with the intention of allowing developers to more easily anticipate the APIs direction: 

“This is where you can get started with our new onboarding wizard, manage Apps, understand your API usage and limits, access our new support center, find Documentation, and more to come in the future.”

Early access to the new API will become available next week and developers can request access via the developer portal. Although production-ready at that time, only some endpoints will be available immediately. The Academic Research and Business pathways will be released in the near future, while the Standard path will be open at release. 

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