Twitter API Changes Causing Some User Headaches

Twitter has gone OAuth-only and it is judgement day for the scores of Twitter apps still using basic Authentication. Developers have had a few months to switch across to the new OAuth protocol (and the deadline was extended again to accommodate the World Cup), but it seems like quite a few never made the switch, or still have users running older versions of their software. A quick Twitter search reveals some frustration:

  • rsalas96: @Twitterrific my ipod touch twitter login fail, it look like  API Problem
  • sarumbear: @PockeTwitDev I'm quite unhappy that someone as capable as an XDA developer would fail to see the Twitter API change announced so long ago
  • tazhossain: twitter #fail. Iphone not connecting to API - keep getting errors !
  • sn0w_crash: twitter disables basic login over api, HTC Peep has never been able to work with OAuth @htc fail. So HTC Peep is dead atm.

It is not all doom and gloom: many apps, including Echofon, TweetDeck, Twitterrific, Seesmic, and Twitter for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry, are already using OAuth. Some of the complaints are from users who still have older version of these applications installed. However the rich mashup ecosystem built on the Twitter API will likely thin out over the next few weeks as those applications that have not been updated to conform to the new API requirements die off.

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