Twitter API Updates Eliminate Key Features to Twitterrific App

Twitterrific, a macOS and iOS client for Twitter, announced significant changes tied to the upcoming shutdown of legacy Twitter APIs. Specifically, Twitterrific will no longer offer push notifications and real time updates. Twitter is moving away from certain APIs in favor of the newer Account Activity API. Unfortunately for Twitterrific, the Account Activity API is not a direct replacement, and the features Twitterrific relies on for push notifications and real time updates is not available through newer Twitter APIs.

Iconfactory (Twitterrific's developer) commented that it looked for feasible alternatives when Twitter first indicated its move away from live, legacy APIs. However, the company was unable to reach another option, and has begun preparing users for the change. The company expects to lose both functionalities sometime in the middle of August 2018; but, Twitterrific has already begun bracing for the changes in its latest update.

There is a work around for push notifications. For those willing to put some manual work into their Twitterrific activities, activate all notifications desired in the Twitter client. Then, use Twitterrific to browse timelines, tweet, respond to messages, and all other activities. In the end, the push notifications should not see much difference.

Despite the workaround, Twitterrific, and other developers reliant on Twitter APIs are not pleased. In a recent ProgrammableWeb article, we explored how moves such as Twitter's may lead to the end of the API economy as we know it. While the Twitters and the Facebooks of the world can likely survive major API industry disruption, those reliant on API giants might not fair so well.

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