Twitter Becomes a Marketplace with Chirpify

Chirpify is a new e-commerce company that “turns Tweets into transactions.” Where businesses were only able to market and communicate messages to their Twitter Twitterfollowers in the past, Chirpify allows customers to instantly make purchases by Tweeting words such as “buy”, “pay”, or “donate” back to the business.

E-commerce companies have been simplifying transactions by removing manual steps in increasingly creative ways (e.g. PayPal, Square). However, businesses are finding more and more value in social media as a transactional tool, and as Tech Crunch points out: “for brands, the value proposition [of Chirpify] could be huge.” We all know how quickly Tweets spread as they are Tweeted and Retweeted. Now, the rapid spread of news to followers can become news to customers—no credit cards, no bank accounts, no manual process necessary.

The Chirpify API is a REST API and integrates with most commerce platforms and PayPal business accounts. Businesses can receive real time payments through Twitter, use the API as an endpoint for listing and order fulfillment, schedule transaction Tweets for future use, and white label Twitter payments.

Powerbar is the first major brand to sample Chirpify as a commerce platform. It is yet to be seen how successful its Chirpify campaign is; however, if a brand like Powerbar finds success, Chirpify could move from under the radar to mainstream e-commerce.

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I think this is the first milestone of "social-commerce". More to follow soon, i guess.

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