Twitter CEO's Response To Peeved Developers

Twitter's latest changes to its Twitter API have left a community of third party developers vexed to say the least. These changes are drastic enough to result in a number of apps not just having to make big adjustments, but actually shutting down completely. With all the noise being created about the issue online, many have been keen to hear some kind of response from the social media giant itself.

In recent comments, Twitter's CEO has attempted to explain the company's decision, according to UberGizmo:

Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo said, “As our users were starting to adopt Twitter on more than one Platform…we realized we have to have a consistent owned and operated experience.” He said that the changes were meant to send out a message that “there are all these value added services that we’d like you to starting building that our customers and users are going to want.”

But this response doesn't seem satisfactory for apps that rely heavily on Twitter's API and many feel severely short changed, as is evident in this statement from Twitpic's founder in the same UberGizmo post: "Twitter was built on the back of third-party developers, but now those developers are getting the shaft. I’m sure the pressure coming down from boardroom is pretty intense [to try to] control the eyeballs and control the message"

Photo by Joi Ito

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