Twitter Digits API Now Supports Custom Theming



Twitter has announced the availability of theming support for Digits, the Twitter-backed phone-based sign-in solution. Twitter introduced Digits in October as part of the company's announcement of Fabric; Fabric is a modular Platform developed by Twitter that offers SDKs and tools that developers can use to quickly build mobile applications.

Twitter Digits allows developers to incorporate a phone based sign-in into their applications allowing users to register and sign in using a Twitter-associated cell phone number instead of using the traditional username and password method. Users receive a confirmation message ensuring that they are the person authorized to access the application. Digits is designed so that developers can easily integrate phone-based registration and sign-in into applications and also ensures that users are SMS-verified. Digits also includes a friend finding feature which Twitter says does not share user address book data with third-party applications.

Digits now supports theming which makes it possible for developers to match the appearance of the Digits sign-in to their iOS and Android applications. Only a few lines of code are needed to utilize Digits theming which enables customization of the background, call-to-action button, and select text. In November, ProgrammableWeb published an article covering how to get started with Twitter Fabric and how to integrate Digits into an application.

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