Twitter Indexer Topsy Adds Funding, Rejuvenates Real-time Search

In what many are calling a boon to real-time search, Topsy today announced a new round of funding that doubles the money it's raised. The company uses indexes Twitter and makes the results available on its website, as well as through its Topsy API, which sees more than half a billion queries per month.

All Things Digital writes that Topsy's funding defies the Twitter ecosystem curse:

Perhaps the only other Twitter ecosystem start-up of Topsy’s magnitude is UberMedia, which has raised some $21 million in VC funding and gobbled up various Twitter clients. Twitter blocked some of the company’s apps for three days last month, saying they violated multiple

Twitter competes with both start-ups, offering its own search site and software clients for various platforms.

In January we asked, is it finally the end for real-time search engines? Today's announcement would seem to answer with a resounding no.

Topsy CEO Vipul Ved Prakash said the company plans to use the new funding to scale its servers to be able to take in even more social data. "The structure of the Internet continues to shift from collections of static web documents to networks of people sharing information in realtime," Prakash said.

Among other coverage, paidContent writes that real-time search lives on, referring to OneRiot decision to focus on its advertising network. VentureBeat points to Topsy's new Twitter search widgets and even embeds one on a page.

According to company spokesperson Meredith Klee, the API plays a substantial role in Topsy’s future. Klee points to traffic numbers, which show most of the calls to its site come via its API.

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