Twitter Influence API Makes Klout a Billionaire

The most popular Twitter ranking service, Klout, has used its API platform to boost its growth. The company, which is also expanding outside of Twitter, saw calls to its Klout API more than triple in just a few months. The company is now clearly in the API billionaires club.

Updated to include higher, more recent numbers.

In June Mashery (a ProgrammableWeb sponsor) pointed out that Klout was handling 2 billion API calls. In July, that doubled to 4 billion. As of August, Klout calls surpassed 6 billion, according to Klout's Tyler Singletary. Most of the applications are performing social media monitoring or social CRM, Klout's Matt Thompson said.

Developers can use Klout to determine a user's reach into social media. For Twitter, the only site currently included in the public API, developers send a user name and receive a score out of 100. Another popular endpoint shows the topics that a user discusses on Twitter.

In addition to growing its APIs, Klout has increased its staff six-fold. A year ago there were eight employees, but now there are nearly 50 supporting what is essentially an API company.

As more discussions are happening in more places, it's becoming important for companies to make sense of the conversations. Klout's simple approach and useful features have helped catapult it to billionaire status.

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