Twitter Integrated in Another Apple Operating System

Apple added Twitter API Integration into Mountain Lion, the next version of its OS X operating system. The company previously went big with Twitter in iOS for back in June. This latest approach brings Twitter to the place where many of us do the bulk of our work and browsing.

GigaOm explains Twitter's widespread usage in the OS:

Twitter, however, is the one that is pretty much everywhere inside the new operating system. Just as on iOS 5, a single sign-on is all it takes to share via Twitter, regardless of the app — Safari, Preview, PhotoBooth, Quick Look and others. The twitter share sheet is no different than the sharing feature iPhone or iPad users are familiar with.

Desktop software developers can also integrate with Twitter via the operating system, which means there's a single process to connect a Twitter account to all the supported applications. This deep integration into the operating system is, perhaps, a bigger deal than iOS because a desktop may be seen as more permanent than mobile software. That may change as the Apple iCloud API helps keep devices in sync, potentially including automatic operating system upgrades.

Currently Mountain Lion is only available for developer preview, with full release coming within six months.

Screenshot via Jeff Croft