Twitter Kit Mixes Multimedia Into Quoted Tweets

Twitter today rolled out a new version of its Twitter Kit developer kit for Android and iOS that hopes to dramatically improve embedded tweets. The refreshed developer toolset handles more tasks automatically so you can sit back and gaze at your Twitter-enhanced content. 

Twitter knows its content is at its best in proper quoted form. It's one thing to snag Some text from a tweet, but it's an entirely separate matter to embed a media-rich tweet directly from Enter the latest versions of Twitter Kit for Android and iOS.

At its heart, Twitter Kit can now handle layout, attribution, URL entities, video playback, looping GIFs, photo slideshows, and nested quoted Tweets without requiring developers to lift (too much of) a finger. 

In order to get it up and running, developers need to drop Twitter Kit directly into their app. Twitter Kit's automated tools do the rest. Embedded tweets support engagement and discussion, and keep online discourse moving in a forward direction.

Of note, Twitter Kit keeps developers' apps aligned with its display guidelines, existing features, and APIs. This allows developers to spend more time focusing on other parts of their mobile apps. 

Twitter says this latest release demonstrates its committment to add new features. The refreshed Twitter Kit is more reliable and makes performance improvements to Twitter's SDKs, too. Twitter hopes developers will take advantage of Twitter Kit for Android and iOS to enrich their mobile apps.

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