Twitter Launches Academic Research Product Track via V2 of the Twitter API

When Twitter announced the launch of version 2 of the Twitter API back in July of 2020, the company highlighted the importance of providing elevated access pathways for developers that qualify based on the intended use. Today the company has announced a new tailored product track intended for use by academic researchers.

With the launch of the new academic research product track, qualifying researchers will be provided with access to all existing API endpoints that have been released to date. Additionally, they will gain access to the full history of public conversation via the company’s archived search Endpoint. Researchers will also benefit from increased Tweet volume caps and more precise filtering capabilities.

This improved access for researchers has been a long time coming. Prior to approved access via API, developers had been relying on scraping data for some time. Dr. Sarah Shugars, Assistant Professor at New York University, noted in the product announcement the value that this addition presents to the research community:

“The Academic Research product track gives researchers a window into understanding the use of Twitter and social media at large, and is an important step by Twitter to support the scientific community.”

Additionally, Twitter has launched new technical and methodological guides intended to streamline onboarding for researchers that are new to the Platform

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