Twitter Launches Twitter Kit 3 as First Standalone Version

After two versions of Twitter Kit as an SDK within the Fabric Platform, Twitter has launched Twitter Kit 3 as the first standalone version of Twitter Kit. Twitter Kit 3 is available through common standards (e.g. CocoaPods, jCenter, etc.). As to be expected with a new version, the latest Twitter Kit also includes new features. An improved authorization process and the ability to create Tweets inside an integrated app headline the new features.

The new authorization process allows users to choose from all accounts they have authorized within Twitter apps. Accordingly, iOS and Android users alike can authorize an app with a native experience. Once chosen, the native interface of the account is used to request permissions. Authorizing users through an integrated app simplifies the ability to interact with Tweets in-app. The authorization enhancement works for login authorization, but also with a user's block preferences.

A new composer within version 3 allows users to create Tweets inside a third party app. This functionality allows users to share links, images, and video through Twitter within the integrated app. Check out all of the updates within the docs.

Since Twitter Kit is now a standalone SDK, Twitter is migrating maintenance to the developers site. If you have used Twitter Kit within the Fabric environment, you will need to connect your keys within the appropriate Twitter account to maintain functionality within the new app. To assist this transition, Twitter has created an account connection tool. Twitter has also published FAQs for connecting an app to Twitter accounts. Join the discussion in the community forums.

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