Twitter Launches Twitter Kit and Digits 2.0 for Android

Almost 5 months after Twitter launched Twitter Kit 2.0 for iOS, Twitter has published Twitter Kit 2.0 for Android. Additionally, Digits 2.0 for Android is now available. Both SDKs include major revisions as Twitter has refined its libraries based on developer feedback. Additional focus of the 2.0 launch includes performance enhancement and better alignment with modern Android tools.

The release includes underlying dependency updates. For instance, Retrofit goes from v1.x to v2.x. Further, 2.0 comes with v3.x of the OKHttp library that drives networking. In turn, the update includes a quick, reliable and updatable HTTP client to the core while supporting HTTP/2. Twitter believes the updates will result in more efficient networking when communicating with Twitter APIs while utilizing modern libraries most likely already included within third party apps.

The update includes some significant rewrites that should improve the quality of the SDKs. For instance, the networking stack was revised, and Guest Auth tokens now refresh automatically. Both SDKs move from Android API 9 to API 14 as the base version. Features that were previously deprecated have been removed from the 2.0 release.

To migrate, simply click the "Update" button within the Android IDE plugin. Developers can continue using 1.x for the next three months. However, only critical bug and security patches will be added to version 1.x (no new features.). For those wanting more information, check out the Twitter Kit update docs and the Digits update.  

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