Twitter OAuth Countdown Hits Three Weeks

Developers using the Twitter API with basic authentication have three more weeks to switch to OAuth. The change has been the preferred method for some time, as users do not need to share their passwords with developer applications.

Today Twitter's countdown clock shows less than three weeks until 9 a.m. Pacific on August 16. Or, to many Twitter developers who create their applications on the side, that's just three more weekends of hacking to upgrade apps to OAuth. The original deadline was June 30, but Twitter later postponed to August.

OAuth is now the overwhelming authentication choice for new APIs. We currently list 88 OAuth APIs in our directory.

For those who still want to use Basic Auth, there's an API for you. SuperTweet accepts usernames and passwords, then creates an OAuth connection to Twitter. We took a look at how SuperTweet works back in May.

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I just migrated this weekend to OAuth for an older app. While I think OAuth is the best we have today for user authentication to an API and has a bright future, for apps that don't need to authenticate users (the app is calling the API on its own behalf), I have to say it's kind of a pain. But, I suppose the trade-off of not letting users give out their usernames and passwords wherever they go is worth it in the end.

[...] have had plenty of warning. Twitter first announced the move in April, then extended the deadline from June to August and finally implemented a gradual phase-out. Twitter appears to be letting a [...]