Twitter Promotes Fabric via Flock Roadshow Series

Since Twitter announced Fabric last October, many developers have tested the various “Kits” to address common problems: stability, distribution, revenue, and identity. To further promote Fabric and continue to serve its developer community, Twitter has announced a series of upcoming roadshows. Cleverly named “Flock,” the roadshow series will tour through the U.S. January 21st through February 13th, and then head overseas through the spring. Twitter believes the next great app could come from anywhere: as a result, Twitter is taking its resources to developers to help developers leverage Fabric in app development.

In addition to the scheduled events, Twitter has added a number of Fabric Kits to its portfolio. The Beta distribution tool now includes share links and crash-to-tester identification functionality. Additionally, Twitter added a tracking feature and launched theming support for Digits. In the MoPub Kit, Twitter shipped MRAID 2.0 support and enabled rich media ads in banners and interstitial ad units. 

Twitter has engaged its Developer Advocate team as the frontline for the Flock series. Flock will include a mix of seminars and meetups. Those interested can register for any of the 17 scheduled events via the Flock site, or follow the team via @TwitterDev using the #TwitterDrive hashtag.

As an additional incentive to check out Fabric or attend a Flock event, Twitter also announced its first worldwide startup contest: Hatch. Twitter wants to hear about your idea for the next great app, and Twitter engineers and Developer Advocates will be available to discuss the program at each Flock event. The winning app will get the opportunity to meet with Twitter executives and potential investors. Visit the Hatch website to learn more.   

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