Twitter REST API Now Supports Native Video Upload

Twitter has announced native video support through the Twitter API. Twitter launched video support for its mobile applications in January, and since then it has been receiving requests to extend the functionality through its REST API. Twitter has granted the many developer requests, alongside a protocol that enables chunked uploads.

All of the connected world, including Twitter, has experienced an onslaught of video content in the past few years. Video poses challenges due to file size, connection speeds and disparate devices. Chunked uploads enable users to upload video files in pieces. Twitter produced guidelines to assist developers with the new API features and specific guidance on chunked uploads.

The maximum file size for video uploads is 15 MB. Twitter checks the file size during the upload process. Maximum video length is 30 seconds. Twitter checks video length when tweeting with a video media_id. Only one video or animated GIF can be added to a tweet. Photos remain the only media type that can be added multiple times in a single tweet, with a limit of four.

Twitter says it is excited to see upcoming integrations with the added API functionality. Twitter encourages developers to tweet @TwitterDev links to new projects with #TwitterVideo. The developer team will highlight some projects in an upcoming post.

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