Twitter Search via the Summize API provides the capability to search Twitter conversations. Summize now offers the Summize Twitter Search API (profile), providing programmable Twitter searches. You can search for:

  • tweets containing a word
  • tweets from a specific user
  • tweets to a specific user
  • tweets referencing a specific user
  • tweets containing a hashtag
  • any combination of the above

The returned tweets can be limited by language, status ID, and geocoding. The geocoding operation is interesting: you can search only for tweets that originated within a certain radius of a given latitude and longitude (based on the user's profile location).

See our Summize Twitter Search overview for details on the API. The API utilizes a standard REST protocol. You can call the API and receive the results using Atom and JSON data formats.

Twizon, a Mashup of the Day this week, is a new mashup that combines the Summize Twitter Search API with the Amazon eCommerce API to provide recent tweets about Amazon products. Visit to find out what Amazon products people are tweeting about.

Peter Laird has written about the potential benefits for companies that mine Twitter for candid thoughts and user opinions about company products. The Summize Twitter API is the perfect tool for automating these types of search.

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