Twitter Simplifies Vine Embedding Via New oEmbed API



Twitter's Vine team has released an oEmbed API endpoint that it says greatly simplifies embedding a Vine into a website. Vine previously released the ability to embed Vine posts into a website via a post's page or the Vine mobile app. The oEmbed API enables developers to translate a Vine video URL into HTML for Integration. Additionally, Vine-aware websites can call the API to automate Vine video integration.

While the API method fully automates the embedding process, the release also enables a copy and paste method. Website owners and publishers can copy and paste a simple Vine URL to embed a video. Both offerings eliminate the need to visit the Vine post page or use the Vine app to embed a video.

The API returns embed HTML for a single Vine video. The video is specified by a full URL or video ID and the call is returned in JSON or XML data format. For more specifics, visit the API docs.

When Vine originally released the ability to embed videos into websites, Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann suggested that the ability allowed users to display "little windows into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up [their] life" almost anywhere. Now that developers can automate the sharing, Hofmann's suggestion is closer to reality.   

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Img Credit: Marisa Allegra Williams (@marisa) for Twitter, Inc.

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