From Twitter to Baby Names - This Week in Mashups

It's been another busy week of new apps in to our mashup directory, with 21 new mashup listings added. And all together there were 25 different APIs to build this week's new mashups. In keeping with its API-of-the-moment status, the Twitter API was used in 7 of these mashups (141 Twitter apps listed). Also the Baby Names API got its first mashup listing and so did the Brooklyn Museum API, which we profiled earlier this week. For a full rundown, the list below shows which APIs were used by which mashups:

Baby Names Baby Names used in Baby Names: Namemasher

Blogger Blogger used in

Brooklyn Museum Brooklyn Museum used in Brooklyn Browser

Directed Edge Directed Edge used in Smarter Wikipedia

eBay eBay used in iSaab Auctions UK

EchoSign EchoSign used in EchoSign for Zoho Writer

Etsy Etsy used in

Flickr Flickr used in Flittr, Sing The World, Twyric

Google Ajax Feeds Google Ajax Feeds used in Got Search: Google and Twitter

Google AJAX Libraries Google AJAX Libraries used in Nearby Tweets

Google Ajax Search Google Ajax Search used in Greekoo

Google Health Google Health used in Health Cloud

Google Maps Google Maps used in Famous London Barristers, Nearby Tweets, Park It DC, Salesforce International Mapping

Google Maps Flash Google Maps Flash used in Sing The World

Hyves Hyves used in Twwwitter

Lyricsfly Lyricsfly used in EZ Lyrics used in Salesforce International Mapping

SeeqPod SeeqPod used in SongSeek

Twitter Twitter used in Flittr, Got Search: Google and Twitter,, Nearby Tweets, Probably True, Twwwitter, Twyric

Wikipedia Wikipedia used in Probably True, Smarter Wikipedia

Yahoo Geocoding Yahoo Geocoding used in Blue One Realty Florida

Yahoo Map Image Yahoo Map Image used in

Yahoo Maps Yahoo Maps used in Blue One Realty Florida

YouTube YouTube used in Sing The World

Zoho Zoho used in EchoSign for Zoho Writer

And each day there is one mashup selected to be Mashup of the Day, here are last week’s winners:

 Baby Names: Namemasher


 Health Cloud

 Nearby Tweets

 Salesforce International Mapping

 Smarter Wikipedia

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