Twitter Unifies its API Platform and Opens Access to New Direct Message APIs

Twitter has announced that the company is unifying its API platform so that it’s hopefully easier for developers to build scalable Twitter-powered applications. The company also announced that it's opening access to several new Direct Message APIs designed to allow businesses to access the entire Twitter Platform including public tweets and direct messaging capabilities. Twitter has published a roadmap that developers can reference to keep up on what's happening with the Twitter API platform.

Screenshot of Twitter’s API Platform roadmap board on Twello.

Twitter is unifying its platform for several reasons, one of which is because of requests by developers to easily scale access to Twitter APIs. To do this, Twitter is going to streamline its APIs so that developers will no longer have to deal with differing access and delivery protocols as their applications begin to scale. Twitter APIs will also provide the same tiers of access. For example, Twitter APIs will have a free tier of API access for development and testing, paid API access that is self-serve and provides increased functionality and rate limits to scale applications, and enterprise level access that provides a full range of capabilities.

Twitter is also opening access to new Direct Message APIs that developers can use to build applications that leverage the capabilities of the entire Twitter platform. Access to Direct Message APIs will be rolled out over time; however, Twitter has released a new beta Account Activity API and several new endpoints that are available today. The new beta Account Activity API is used for subscribing to the real-time activities related to a Twitter account. New endpoints available today include a new DM POST Endpoint for sending Direct Messages, updated DM GET endpoints, and new welcome message endpoints for creating and managing welcome messages in Twitter Direct Messages.

Twitter plans on updating the Account Activity API in the coming months and will begin retiring related legacy services as API updates are released. Developers interested in using the new Twitter Account Activity API can complete an application to request access now. Twitter will respond to developer requests for API access as soon as possible.

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