Twitter Updates API v2 to Bring Like and Block Data to Third-Party Apps

Twitter has announced two new features for its v2 APITrack this API; access to Likes and blocks data. This latest update to v2, originally launched last August, will give third-party apps access to more data and is meant to bring the API closer to parity with v1.1.

The first new feature is the Likes lookup, which will allow developers to retrieve a list of accounts that have liked a Tweet, or lookup Tweets that have been liked by a specific user. This data had been limited to the official Twitter app until now.

This data can be accessed using the following endpoints:

  • List of accounts that have liked a Tweet - GET /2/tweets/:id/liking_users
  • Tweets liked by a user - GET /2/users/:id/liked_tweets

Developers will be limited to a maximum of 100 liking accounts per Tweet.

The second new feature will allow apps to see a list of accounts that an individual authenticated user has blocked.

This data can be accessed using a single Endpoint:

  • Accounts blocked by an authenticated user - GET /2/users/:id/blocking

This endpoint is limited to 15 requests per 15 minutes per user.

These updates follow previous updates in December and January and it appears that Twitter is trying to hold to its promise of continually upgrading v2 so that it can eventually replace the v1.1 standard, premium, and enterprise APIs. The new endpoints are only available at the Basic access level and developers using the Standard product track or the Academic Research product track can begin using them immediately.

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