Twitter Updates V2 API to Help Follow the Public Conversation

Twitter recently informed its developer community of updates to its API v2Track this API, including new resources intended to support conversation reply settings, a new feature that allows users to specify who can reply to their Tweets. Additional updates to the API include the ability to request a Twitter user’s Tweets or mentions, and retrieving a list of accounts following a user.

This is the latest update to v2 which was originally announced in July but saw its launch delayed until August. The conversation reply settings is a feature that was rolled out this summer and is meant to help users limit the amount of abuse in their replies. Twitter’s intention is to allow its users to have more meaningful conversations on the Platform. This feature can now be controlled via that API using a field called reply_settings. Twitter claims the reply_settings field is “...part of a larger effort to give you more information about a conversation and could be useful for academic researchers learning more about the public conversation.” Twitter plans to add write support for this field once the v2 version of its POST Tweet endpoints is launched.

The other new resources allow developers to request a user’s Tweets or mentions composed by that user or by those mentioning the user in question. These resources are replacing v1.1 statuses/user_timeline and statuses/mentions_timeline which Twitter claims are some of the most used across the entire API. They have been used by businesses to build customer support or brand analysis tools, and researchers can use the endpoints to conduct sentiment analysis on a user’s Tweets over time. 

These resources will be rate-limited upon launch. Developers can request up to 100 Tweets per request. user_timeline will have a limit of the 3,200 most recent Tweets and menions_timeline will be limited to the 800 most recent Tweets.

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