Twitter Ushers in Second Round of Ads API Partners

In February, Twitter debuted its Ads API as a way for partners to integrate Twitter advertising management into their products. Twitter took baby steps in launching the program, initially giving only a handful of partners access to the API. Six months later, however, the microblogger has announced six new partners: Kenshoo Social, Optimal, SocialCode, SocialFlow, Unified and Voxsup.

While Twitter chose the first five partners (Adobe, HootSuite, Salesforce, SHIFT and TBG Digital)  based on the tools and services they offered to scale Twitter campaigns, the newest set of partners have a noticeable social bent. The company says more partners are likely to come.

“We’re not stopping here; moving forward we’ll continue to add new partners on a rolling basis and bring even more functionality to the Ads API in the months to come,” Twitter said in a blog post.

What’s so great about Twitter's Ads API?

Twitter’s Ads API gives marketers the ability to launch, manage and advertise at scale using third-party tools. Those tools are provided by Twitter’s Ads API partners—now 11 of them.

Twitter ads consist mainly of promoted accounts, tweets and trends. Introduced in 2010, promoted material allows users to promote an individual account, tweet or trend for a price. Twitter then shoots the item to the top of popular feeds or trend lists.

Before the Ads API, an advertiser had to manage and execute a promoted campaign manually. It was a labor intensive process that didn’t meet the requirements of agencies and big brands. With Twitter Ads API, advertisers can now manage dozens or potentially even hundreds of ad campaigns simultaneously.

Advertisers can also target promoted tweets more efficiently by taking advantage of some of the analytics tools offered by Twitter’s Ads API partners. And, whereas in the past, advertisers had to purchase ads via Twitter’s self-serve tool or go through its direct sales team, now they can purchase directly through the Platform.

New Twitter Ads API partners equals new ways for advertisers or the social media firms they hire to manage, track and generate Twitter ad campaigns. As Facebook demonstrated with its Facebook Marketing Suite, an ad API is a great way for a platform to scale its advertising operations. LinkedIn also has an advertising API.

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