Twitter Vows Policy and Technology Changes Following Data Breach

Last week, Twitter revealed that it may have shared certain user data with third-party advertisers against what certain users selected in their settings. While the company continues to investigate exactly which users were impacted, Twitter claims to have fixed the problem on August 5, 2019. Twitter indicated two potential cases they may have led to unauthorized sharing:

  • users who clicked/viewed mobile ads and subsequently interacted with the mobile app since 2018 may have had data such as country code and date of engagement with advertising partners, specifically conversion tracking metric
  • users impacted in the first bullet point may have seen ads based on the inferences the Twitter Platform creates based on use

Not only has Twitter claimed that it has fixed the problem, but it has also decided to remove third-party data sources from the ad platform altogether. A spokesperson told Marketing Land:

"Twitter is streamlining the way in which advertisers use audience data and shifting focus to the Twitter Ads API, which ultimately improves outcomes through technological advancement and developmental flexibility for our partners and customers."

While Twitter continues to investigate, it encourages users to check settings. The company doesn't "believe there is anything [else for users] to do." For those that have questions, you can contact Twitter's Office of Data Protection with this form.

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