Twitter's Button Design Updates May Affect API Use

Twitter announced upcoming tweaks to its Tweet and Follow buttons. The changes are primarily stylistic in nature; however, the API changes involved may impact certain developers' use of Twitter APIs. Both buttons will change color schemes with white text on top of a dark blue background. Further, the Tweet button will lose the share counter currently displayed beside the button. The new Tweet button will appear in the same pixel dimensions as the Tweet button today less the share counter. The Follow button will maintain its counter in the horizontal display format.

The Tweet button counter operates by sending queries to JSON endpoints hosted on domains. Developers have used such private endpoints to uncover share count of any URL. Twitter will shut down such endpoints next month when the counter is removed from the Tweet button. Developers with the need to retrieve information regarding shared URLs on Twitter should utilize the Twitter Search API endpoints moving forward. Full archive search counts remain available on Gnip.

Twitter last updated its button design in 2011. The Tweet button counter has been in operation for the last five years. Over the years, many developers have come to rely on the JSON endpoints for shared URL data. Moving forward, such developers will need to transition to Twitter's search endpoints designed with such queries in mind. For more information, visit Twitter's documentation

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