Twitter's New Ad API: This Year's Significant Social Marketing Event

Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s chief marketing officer, Mark Lazerow, suggests that there's roughly one really important development in social marketing per year, citing Facebook's application development Platform launched in 2007 as an early example. His pick for this year's model is the new Twitter ad API probably the most important development in social marketing to come along in a year,  states on his blog that:

"The latest such development landed today with Twitter’s announcement that it would finally allow marketers to advertise at scale using powerful third-party buying and optimization systems."

As Alex Konrad in Forbes points out, Salesforce realizes this will shape ad copy and targeting. Brands will reach out to customers more effectively and cut down on messages that aren't relevant to them.

Brands and agencies working with Salesforce will be able to use the Twitter ads platform to execute real time advertising campaigns on Twitter, scale campaigns, and improve ROI, all with access tot he firehose of more than 400 million Tweets generated every day.

The Twitter press release notes that in addition to Salesforce, Twitter is offering the advertising features to a limited number of clients, including Adobe, HootSuite, SHIFT and TBG Digital.

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