Twitter's New Dev Policy Embraces Research and Trustworthy Bots

Twitter has announced a complete rewrite of the company’s developer policies. This iteration is intended to clearly communicate appropriate developer use cases while also promoting quality Platform research and development.

The new policies are expanded to include a more direct path for developers that are hoping to engage in non-commercial research. Twitter understands that the breadth of data present on the platform is a treasure trove for researchers. The company hopes that expanded access for researchers will be helpful in analyzing spam, abuse, and public health factors present on the platform. Additionally, the new policies allow non-commercial researchers to share an unlimited number of Tweet IDs and/or User IDs on behalf of an academic institution.

The company is modifying the way that they communicate acceptable use cases for developer access. The announcement noted that as the platform evolves it may be necessary for developers to update the specific use case for continued access to Twitter data. 

In addition to more clarity around use cases, Twitter is also tightening its standards for the use of bots on the platform. Developers will now be required to specify the intended purpose of a bot and who is operating it. The company is hoping to remove some of the ambiguity behind account identity.

Make sure to check out the announcement for additional details. Twitter also hinted at the next version of the API that the company has been working on for some time. Make sure to follow the Twitter APITrack this API profile for future updates.

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