Twitter's Other Ecosystem: Twitter-derived APIs Double in One Year

Last April we wrote about How Twitter's 1 API Gave Birth to 43 New APIs. One year later, there are now 86 Twitter-derived APIs in our directory. The growth of Twitter-based APIs outpaced Twitter mashups, an area we also saw a lot of growth. There are now nearly 600 Twitter mashups. It wasn't even a year ago that we marked the 400 Twitter mashup milestone.

A number of the new APIs focus on making sense from the vast amount of information available on Twitter and share it, such as what the Topsy API does with providing a more complete Twitter search. Others, like the Qwerly API, are connecting the dots between Twitter and other services.

For reference, here are all 86 Twitter-derived APIs:

140 Proof API: Twitter advertising service

3taps API: Realtime search service

Adobe Social API: Social network connection platform

Appinions API: Opinion aggregation platform

Auto Follow Friday API: Twitter contact listing service API: Twitter long post service

BackTweets API: Twitter link search service

Bentio API: Microblogging Service API: Twitter web based client, url shortener and image sharing

Cadmus API: Social media stream management service

Chirpio API: Social rating tool

FileSocial API: Twitter file sharing service API: Twitter user information service

follow cost API: Find the follow cost of a Twitter account

Frinly API: Photo sharing service

Gigya API: Single Sign-In/Registration Service

Gnip API: Ping and data portability services for user data

hbookmark API: Real-time semantic bookmarking via Twitter

I'vRead API: Social Reading Record API: Photo sharing service

InfoChimps Twitter API: Twitter Metrics and Analytics

Intersect API: List mutual Twitter followers

IZEA Sponsored Tweets API: Independent Twitter advertising platform

JumboTweet API: URL shortener

Kanvaso API: Twitter utility

Kazle API: Social Network Management

Let's Be Trends API: Trend tracking on Twitter

Linkalope API: Twitter link search service

Mesagraph API: Semantic social content aggregator

Mombo API: Social movie review service

My Tweeple API: Twitter management service

Next Big Sound API: Artist and Band Statistics

PeerIndex API: Social Network Profiling Tool

Penolo API: Twitter sketching tool

Peoplebrowsr API: Metadata for Twitter stream

Phweet API: Twitter talk service API: User profile service

Publitweet API: Twitter widget service

Qwerly API: Social Web Search Engine

Retweet Rank API: Search for the Retweet Rank of any Twitter User

ScreenTweet API: Media sharing service

Silentale API: Consolidate contacts and messages in a personal archive

Social Archive API: Status message search engine

Stocklytics Stock Tweets API: Realtime tweets about stocks

Storify API: Create Stories from Social Media Posts

Summize Twitter Search API: Search Twitter tweets service

SuperTweet API: Twitter analysis, metadata, and monetization services API: Access to Twitter API without OAuth

Tagalus API: A dictionary for Twitter hashtags

tagdef API: Twitter hashtag definitions

Tipjoy API: Aggregator monetization services

TLists API: Search and browse Twitter lists

Topsy API: Twitter search service

Tvider API: Mobile Twitter Media Sharing/Uploading Service

TWASE API: Twitter spam prevention service

TweepSearch API: Twitter profile search services

Tweet Scan API: Twitter and search results service

TweetARun API: Get access to your running records that have been recorded on TweetARun

Tweetburner API: Twitter link tracking service

TweetFeel Twitter Sentiment API: Twitter customer expereince tracking tool

tweethook API: Twitter search data retrieval

TweetLater API: Twitter tweet scheduling tool

Tweetmeme API: Twitter link popularity service

TweetPhoto API: Twitter photo sharing service

TweetRL API: Revenue sharing twitter article service

TweetSentiments API: Sentiment analysis for Twitter service

TweetShrink API: Tweet shortening service

Twinfluence API: Twitter profile analysis service

Twishort API: Long Twitter Post Service

Twitgoo API: Twitter image sharing service

Twitlbl API: Twitter data analysis service

TwitPic API: Share photos on Twitter

TwitrPix API: Photo sharing service for Twitter

twitsnaps API: Twitter photo sharing

Twitter Grader API: Twitter user ratings service

TwitterBrite API: Twitter search engine

TwitterCounter API: Twitter user statistics data

Twittervision API: Location based data for the Twitter service

Twivatar API: Twitter avatar service API: Twitter music sharing service

Vidly API: Video sharing service

What The Trend? API: Twitter trending service

Windsoc API: Social data service

Yonda4 API: Reading lists and recommendations

Zutual API: Twitter user comparison service

Zutual API: Twitter analysis service

Adam DuVander The former ProgrammableWeb Executive Editor, Adam is an API expert now helping regular people connect them at Zapier. Previously he worked at API companies SendGrid and Orchestrate, and wrote for Wired and Webmonkey. Adam is also the author of mapping API cookbook Map Scripting 101. Find him at

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