Twitter's Real API Business Model Launches With Ads API

Twitter has just announced the official launch of the Twitter Ads API providing approved partners the ability to integrate Twitter advertising functionality into applications and platforms.

Using the Twitter Ads API, developers can integrate Twitter advertising functionality into their applications and platforms so that users can build and manage real time Twitter advertising campaigns, purchase and deploy promoted Tweets, and much more.

"Twitter's Ads API allows marketers and agencies to build on the same functionality an advertiser already sees, while managing and optimizing campaigns across different channels, including Twitter," Twitter's Adam Bain said in SHIFT's press release.

Twitter announced that five partners have already integrated the Twitter Ads API into applications and platforms; Adobe, HootSuite, Salesforce, SHIFT and TBG Digital. According to Twitter, these companies were allowed early access because they offer services, solutions and products that "address some of the most pressing needs of marketers."


Target Promoted Tweets directly from the HootSuite dashboard. -- Image Credit: HootSuite

HootSuite is a web based social media networks managing tool. Twitter Promoted Products Integration is now being offered in a limited beta version of HootSuite Enterprise. In the announcement published on HootSuite's blog, Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite states that:

"HootSuite provides our clients with the ability to amplify their owned content, keeping them at the forefront of social advertising opportunities. This process is now a simple and efficient one. The new integration allows stakeholders in social businesses to instantly buy Promoted Tweets and Accounts from their HootSuite dashboard using our secure, role-based team workflow.", a leading enterprise cloud computing company, also announced the launch of a new Social Ads Platform that uses the Twitter Ads API. The new "Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Ads Platform for Twitter" provides marketers the ability to manage Twitter advertising campaigns along with all their other social marketing programs. In the announcement, Michael Lazerow, CMO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud,, says that:

"Successful Twitter marketing has evolved and must be more holistic than just publishing content. From the CMO to the community manager, our customers will see increased efficiency and return on investment from our new Social Ads Platform for Twitter, combined with our industry leading Twitter Certified Products for engagement and analytics."

There has been a lot of recent buzz about the launch of the Twitter Ads API. There is a growing consensus among marketers and publishers that the primary focus for advertising should be on social media. Custom ads seamlessly displayed on social networks are generally more effective than traditional display ads.

Twitter mentioned in the announcement that ads products will be added to the Twitter Certified Products Program in the coming months. Companies interested in applying for access to the Twitter Ads API can submit a request at the Twitter Developers site.

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