TWUBS Debuts Twitter API Compliant Chat Tool

Attending a Twitter Chat is akin to attending an online cocktail party. It happens when a lot of people, all using the same hashtags, Tweet on the same topic. The chats happen at a scheduled time and often repeat every week or biweekly. The events have become a popular tool for social media managers wanting to build their brand.

One of the issues with Twitter Chat, however, is that large chats can sometimes be hard to follow from your own Twitter timeline.

That’s where Twubs steps in. The hashtag chat company provides a central hub, or “Twub,” where tweets, pics and videos are streamed into a single branded page, making it easier to follow the thread of conversations.

Now, the Platform has launched a free Twitter API compliant chat tool. The API was built within Twitter’s new API guidelines, which means it won’t going the route of a few other programs.

With Twubs Twitter Chat Tools, chat organizers can create a public branded homepage for their Twitter Chat. Once a chat is created, its organizers can add the chat to a global calendar, making it easier for new users to see what chats are coming up and join in a conversation.

In addition, the platform separates host messages from the regular Feed, so participants can easily follow the conversation.

The service also includes spam and abuse blocking, search engine optimization, branding, and another other features to support social media managers. An intuitive interface appeals to both the novice and more experienced Twitter user.

Those entering a conversation late, can get up to speed by viewing the host’s Tweets in a separate area above the feed.

The company says its infrastructure, which is built on the Amazon Web Services cloud, is designed to withstand traffic spikes that are common to Twitter Chats.

“This is only the beginning,” said Tony Ferraro, president and CEO of “We will continue to develop our solution by adding features that will make Twitter Chats even more compelling.”

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