TypePad AntiSpam Aims To Create A Spam-Free Blogosphere

There's nothing more frustrating for the serious blogger than having to constantly deal with an overload of destructive spam. Many are rooting for the technical teams who will win the war and see spam banished forever. TypePad AntiSpam has this very vision and the TypePad AntiSpam API to support it.

TypePad AntiSpam has this very vision. It's a free spam filtering tool created by Six Apart - a blog solution provider with offices in Tokyo and New York. The tool is designed to block comment spam in order to improve the quality of blog conversations. The system combines several adaptive learning engines to evaluate inbound comments, trackbacks and pingbacks, determining whether they are spam or not. TypePad AntiSpam also makes use of spam reporting to learn, adapt and become more effective with use.

The product is not limited to TypePad users only as the company has provided plugins for Movable Type 3 & 4 and for WordPress 2.3 and higher. TypePad AntiSpam creators believe that all blogs should be safe, open and free from spam. They want to see the product become the best, smartest, free anti-spam service available and encourage users to report a spam comment whenever they receive it. This way the system learns faster and becomes more accurate, effectively warding off new and tricky spam attacks.

TypePad AntiSpam is open source and 100% Akismet API compatible. The TypePad AntiSpam API is available to developers who wish to build on this and create their own anti-spam services. Those interested in making use of the data will be required to create a TypePad profile which will give them access to a simple link that will generate the API key.

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