TypeScript is Now Airbnb's Official Language for Web Development

During her Day 1 keynote presentation at the GraphQL Summit in San Francisco, CA, Brie Bunge, Front-end Engineer at Airbnb told the audience that Airbnb has adopted TypeScript as its standard language for Web development.

Bunge said during her presentation, “TypeScript is now the official language of Web development at Airbnb and over half of our 3 million lines of code have been migrated so far.”

According to Bunge, TypeScript provides a level of reliability and programming efficiency which is difficult to achieve when programming only with JavaScript. Bunge reported the rate of adoption of GraphQL is growing at AirBnb. The current usage is 5.8%. Bunge expects that rate to grow to 10% by the end of the year. Bunge attributes the increase in GraphQL adoption due, in part, to the use of TypeScript as the standard language for Web development.

“When we're introducing GraphQL and Apollo to our projects, we first run an internal migration tool to convert our code from JavaScript to TypeScript.”, said Bunge.

When talking about her team’s development activities at AirBnb, Bunge said, “We saw TypeScript as an absolute must in order to take advantage of end to end type safety development is faster and we have more confidence in what we're building."

Bunge put great faith in the power of coupling TypeScript with GraphQL to create quality, reliable code. Bunge closed her talk by saying, “When Apollo is paired with TypeScript, you can build and migrate code with significantly more confident that nothing will go wrong along the way.”

The GraphQl Summit 2019 was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in San Francisco, CA, on October 30-31, 2019.

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