Uber Capitlized on the Rise of APIs

Emerging tech startups such as Uber are continually empowered by new technologies to create robust tools. The mapping, location, driver optimization, payment, and rating services within the Uber app are all driven by cloud-based APIs, making it possible for Uber to have the necessary feature-set without wasting resources becoming an expert in all fields.

Utilizing existing API services mean that tech startups can focus more on their core competency and creating a quality User Experience. In Uber’s case this is finding drivers, expanding their userbase, and finding a fair pricing model. According to BetaBoston.com, the second cloud front is expected to bring in massive growth to the discovery of APIs that can help create smartly designed cloud-reliant tools, and Uber is a good model of these software standards on the rise.

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Why Uber—and whatever is coming next—is really about the rise of APIs