Uber to Leverage New API Feature via Virtual Hackathon

The hugely popular yet often controversial taxi service Uber has announced a virtual hackathon to uncover new ideas from developers, according to Ryan Lawler for TechCrunch, as well as adding more functions to its API to further integrate with developers.

The latest addition to Uber’s API is the ability to add a request Endpoint to third-party apps. This means that API partners, such as Expensify, Starbucks, Momento and United Airlines, will now be able to give users the option to request a ride without redirecting to Uber’s app. This could have an effect on the way that Uber rides are hailed and dispatched.

To further increase its reach and adoption, Uber is running a two-month-long virtual hackathon on ChallengePost to get more developers involved and creating for the API. The idea is to use developer interaction to build innovative applications that leverage the new features.

The virtual hackathon runs until Sunday 17 May, 2015. Users are encouraged to submit new and interesting apps that incorporate the new features of the API.

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Uber Launches Virtual Hackathon For API Developers