Uberblic Wants to Be the One API to Link Them All

Uberblic is another instance of what may become a trend in the world with thousands of APIs: the Meta- API. The Uberblic Doppleganger API is currently in beta, but it is quite ambitious in that it looks to position itself as a API cross-reference or mutli-plexer.  Submit an ID from one API to the Doppleganger, get 4-5 IDs for matching content from other APIs.

There is a recurring problem faced by app developers.  If you want to incorporate social media, which API should you use?  If you want to incorporate location, which Geo API do you use?  Many developers have chosen to implement several interfaces to the different API providers in these subject areas.  Implementing the interfaces to multiple platforms is the first step, but then there’s the additional task of confirming the identity of objects across these platforms.  The first subject area that Uberblic has tackled is location.  In Uberblic’s example they help to answer the question “How do I map a foursquare location to a LastFm venue?”

The RESTful Doppleganger API currently has one API call that returns a lovely JSON formatted list of IDs.  Developers are currently limited to 1,000 calls per day, but it is beta after all.

Similar location connectors are Factual Places API, New York-centric Foursquare venue project and to some extent the new InfoChips Geo APIs.

Uberblic wants to be this meta-API for all areas. I’m interested to see the next area they explore. Will it be social, like the Windsoc API? Identity, like the Qwerly API? How about music? Other areas? Since the problem of cross referencing objects between APIs won’t go away any time soon, I see this niche becoming more popular over time.

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