Ubisoft Integrates Splunk in Gaming API Management Strategy

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Splunk Inc., provider of the leading software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence, today announced that Ubisoft, the multinational video game developer and publisher, has integrated Splunk Enterprise as part of its online Application Programming Interface (API) Management strategy across its game development cycle. Ubisoft is using Splunk software within its Worldwide Online Technology Group division for operations, application delivery, performance monitoring and business analytics. Find out how using Splunk software helps drive the success of top games like Assassin’s Creed in the Ubisoft video on the Splunk website.

“Developing some of the world’s most popular video games only happens by maintaining the industry’s best development practices, and Splunk helps us deliver this,” said Martin Lavoie, deputy director, Ubisoft Online Technology Group. “Service quality is our top priority and we do everything to make sure the players get the experience they deserve. Splunk Enterprise is instrumental in delivering this promise, allowing us to better understand usage patterns and perform more reliable capacity planning. The results are better games, happier gamers and a healthier bottom line.”

The production, development and Online Technology Group management teams all rely on Splunk Enterprise dashboards as part of the company’s initiative to optimize its online services. Ubisoft online developers use Splunk Enterprise to gain visibility through the development cycle and to analyze and optimize online services’ API usage. Ubisoft continuously monitors its online services’ health, performance and API usage patterns. The company also does predictive alerting to ensure games are always on and to help teams prepare for game launches and high-use holiday seasons.

“The true value and ROI from Splunk software is best delivered when organizations like Ubisoft utilize our platform to gain Operational Intelligence across multiple use cases and teams,” said Steve Sommer, chief marketing officer, Splunk. “By monitoring and analyzing game usage patterns, service responsiveness and other machine data, Ubisoft is leading the way in utilizing analytics to improve its products, services and bottom line.”

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