UK Government Reaching Out to Developers. Again.

It's been over a year since the UK's Cabinet Office asked coders to show them a better way. The last update to that campaign was in February, but now there's a new government call for developer feedback:

"With over 1000 existing data sets, from 7 departments (brought together in re-useable form for the first time) and community resources, we want developers to work with us to use the data to create great applications; give us feedback on the early operational community; and tell us how to develop what we have into a single point of access for government-held public data."

Even if this is effectively "take two," much has changed since the UK's innovative program from last July. For one, the U.S. added its collection of government data at It appears that this call, which originated from a fairly new digital engagement blog, is more about finding out what developers would want inside a government Portal.

Code a Better Country

Rounding up data and making it public is certainly something developers in the UK want to see. But is it data the government is willing to give? In many ways, the Open Street Map project began because of government shackles. And readers may remember the subversive Ernest Marples, who is trying the free the Royal Mail's postal code database. We'll keep you updated on how this latest initiative develops.

Hat tip: The Register
Photo by Paul Downey

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