Ulster Bank To Run Hackathon In Collaboration With Open Bank Project

According to Finextra.com, Ulster Bank (a subsidary of the Royal Bank of Scotland) will be holding a multi-city hackathon series in Belfast and Dublin. The report says that Ulster is producing the hackathon (dubbed Hack/Make The Bank) in collaboration with Open Bank Project's parent company Tesobe.

Very similar to the multi-city hackathon that Citibank recently ran, hackers will not have access to actual Ulster APIs and customer accounts. Rather, they'll have access to the Open Bank Project's APIs and dummy account data in a Sandbox environment that's typical of the API-first design approach whereby the design is influenced by feedback from developers working with sample APIs. The folks at Ulster are also keen to find apps that might get under the skin of banking execs.  Finextra reported:

In common with the trend for disruptive banking ideas, a special category has also been earmarked for innovations that would 'most annoy Ulster Bank'.

Both events will be three-day hackathons with the one in Dublin starting on January 30, 2015 and the one in Belfast starting on February 13th. January 30 is the deadline for entering either one.

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Ulster Bank runs hackathon to find 'annoying' applications