Under Armour Debuts Fitness APIs Alongside Mobile Health App

Under Armour has a new health and fitness app and wants developers’ help in making it succeed. The company released a new service for Android and iOS devices today called UA Record, which Under Armour pitches as a tool to simplify the monitoring of personal health data with fitness activity tracking tools and a side dish of social networking and community support. The company released a new API, too, so developers can enrich the experience for users.

The app, which is free to download from the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store, aims to be an all-encompassing health and fitness service. It lets users track their activity from a smartphone or third-party fitness band. It provides analysis of individual workouts and delivers snapshots of progress (steps, calorie burn, heart rate, weight, sleep) toward health goals.

UA Record has a strong social networking component built in. For example, users can invite up to 20 friends to compete in customized health and fitness challenges. Challenges measure workouts, steps, calories and more. The competitions range from a single day to an entire month and provide leaderboard-style updates with progress. It wouldn’t be social without the ability to share. Challenge participants can pass pictures, videos and workout routines back and forth, as well as share nutrition guides. Under Armour isn’t joking around with this app.

The Record app works with Android smartphones and the iPhone. Under Armour believes it could be even better with support from the developer community. That’s why it also introduced the Under Armour Connected Fitness API/SDK platform (developer.underarmour.com). With the Connected Fitness platform, developers will be able to make their own apps and devices compatible with UA Record for sharing health and fitness data. A richer data set will lead to better results for fitness buffs.

“Our platform supports a full suite of APIs that help you track, inspire and engage your user base,” said Under Armour. “From all-day tracking to workouts to supporting hundreds of devices, our inherently social platform helps you build applications that deliver both performance and fun.” According to Under Armour, the Starter tier is free and allows for up to 100,000 API calls per day and 25 requests per second. Apps or devices that need more than that can discuss pricing with Under Armour. The company’s developer site offers plenty of documentation, such as in-depth API overviews, to help developers get started.

One company has already committed to supporting Under Armour. Smartphone maker HTC will adopt the platform and add it to future smartphones. “We want to help people be better connected with themselves, helping them to achieve their goals and gain deeper insight into their own lives to become the best they can be,” said HTC Chief Executive Officer Peter Chou. “By joining forces with Under Armour, we are taking the first step on this journey and will provide consumers with a range of connected health and fitness products and services that no other brand can match.” HTC said its Under Armour-compatible devices will reach the market later this year.

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