Understanding the Protocols Behind The Internet Of Things

The internet revolutionized the way people communicate and work together. The next generation of the internet will continue to revolutionize communication. However, the focus of the communication will be between intelligent, connected devices as opposed to people.The Internet of Things (IoT) will impact the world beyond what the people-centric internet did in the internet’s first iteration. IoT will be driven by device to device (D2D) communication. D2D communication relies on device to server (D2S) communication and the server must share the data it receives with other servers (S2S). A high level overview of the protocols behind such communication include MQTT, XMPP, DDS, and AMQP. Although the four protocols do overlap somewhat in nature, each generally targets a specific Function in IoT. MQTT targets device data collection. XMPP is ideal for consumer oriented applications as it focuses on addressing, security, and scalability. DDS concentrates on devices that use device data. Finally, AMQP is primarily a queueing protocol.

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Understanding The Protocols Behind The Internet Of Things