A Unified API for MySQL in the Clouds

Back in May I wrote about the race for either unified APIs or API standards to bridge the growing number of APIs in specific industries or areas.  Unified APIs are created by a third party provider to bridge multiple APIs, while API standards would potentially create an industry-wide standard of how APIs should operate.

As the number of APIs in a specific area grow, the demand for a single interface and interoperability increases, and unified API services like DeltaCloud for cloud computing and Windsoc and Qwerly for social networks rise to meet this demand.

A company called Xeround is doing this for MySQL database running in the cloud.  Xeround (pronounced zeh-round) is a service that replaces your existing MySQL database and provides seamless MySQL scalability and high availability across Amazon Web Services and on Rackspace, as well as via the Heroku Platform.

Xeround provides both a SOAP and RESTful API, using HTTP Basic Authentication, with responses in XML.  The Xeroud API allows you to create, drop and get information about database instances in Amazon US East, Amazon EU West and Rackspace US.

The Xeround platform provides a single interface for MySQL administrators to scale vertically and horizontally within a single provider, while also allowing you to scale across providers and regions increasing the availability and resiliency of your MySQL backend.

Xeround will be adding more service providers and locations in the future, and will absorb all changes to individual service provider APIs, allowing MySQL administrators to focus on a single API, eliminating a lot of headache and opening up a whole new world of MySQL database scalability.

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