Union Pacific Embraces API-First Design with New Dev Portal and APIs

Union Pacific, a freight-hauling railroad franchise, has announced the release of several new APIs that will provide shipping partners with information on inbound and outbound rail shipments. These new APIs serve to increase visibility for customers and also improve automative capabilities.

Union Pacific also announced a new Developer Portal that the company hopes will streamline developer onboarding. The company believes that these efforts will help develop systems that are more agile, with Lee Sorrick, Director of Information Technologies for Union Pacific noting in the announcement that:

"APIs are going to be the preferred communication channel that's used going forward for system Integration because they lay the foundation for systems to more freely and quickly transfer data in real-time..."

The railroad franchise clearly views these API initiatives as a significant step forward with the announcement noting that all Union Pacific employees are being encouraged to embrace an API-first mindset. Sorrick noted that this announcement is just the first step on the company’s API roadmap:

“Each API is a building block, and it will be interesting to see what our employees and customers create… This launch is only the beginning." 

Interested developers can check out the Union Pacific developer portal

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