Unitedprint.com USS Connect API Automates Online Printing

Unitedprint.com, an online print shop, has released an API that allows business customers to programmatically place orders through its ordering system, the USS Connect API. Prior to the API release, business customers were forced to manually enter orders through the unitedprint.com website. The API release allows business partners and resellers to place orders in an automated fashion directly from internal systems and workflows.

"With the USS Connect interface, we are now adding a further important bonus and enabling our customers to save time when processing orders. This means they can fully focus on their business and their own customers and not waste time initiating orders via our websites," Ali Jason Bazooband, unitedprint.com's managing director, said in a press release

In addition to the USS Connect API launch, unitedprint.com initiated the "Become a reseller" program. The program enables businesses that lack internal systems to turn up a complete infrastructure of a Web-to-print shop. The turnkey system includes USS Connect and adds a layer of automation that most businesses can only achieve after investing heavily in internal systems. The reseller program propels customers into the e-commerce space.

With a presence in 26 countries around the world, unitedprint.com offers a wide variety of printed products, including fliers, posters, postcards, brochures, business cards and letterheads. The API addition to its services continues to drive its competitive edge and cut time and overhead out of the printing process. Those interested in integrating the API should reach out to the unitedprint.com team and a professional will make contact.

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