Unleashed Software Offers API Access to Inventory Management Software

Unleashed, online inventory management software provider, has launched a beta trial for access to its inventory management suite via the Unleashed API. A subset of Unleashed's feature set is currently available through the API. Until the entire feature set becomes available, the API will remain in beta. Unleashed has already improved the beta to include more and more of its entire feature set, and currently includes around 20 of its world class inventory management features.

Unleashed launched in 2009 with the intention to bring enterprise grade inventory management software to the cloud so small businesses would enjoy and equal management systems as larger corporations. In its first two years, Unleashed managed to recruit over 100 firms as users and it continues to grow that base. Although its concentration remains on the small business, large corporations (e.g. Deloitte) have adopted its Platform.

The Unleashed API uses REST protocol and can return calls in either an XML or JSON data format. Currently, methods include retrieving two general data types (i.e. editable resources and read-only data). Editable resources include endpoints such as customers, products, stock adjustments, invoices, etc. Read-only data includes bill of materials, companies, warehouses, units of measure, and many more. For access to the API, interested users must first register for an Unleashed account.

Software as a Service (SaaS) has created ubiquitous access for many types of software that previously remained available only to those with deep pockets. Inventory management software constituted one such piece of niche software. Unleashed granted access to those who could not previously afford it with cloud access. Now it looks to spread its wings to a larger customer base by integrating with existing applications and workflows via its API. For more information, visit the API site.

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