Unlock the Secret Path with the Ixaris Developer Challenge

Ready for a side project this weekend? Ixaris, a Payment Platform provider has thrown up a Developer Challenge codenamed “The Secret Path” and is inviting developers to build payment applications on its platform. The Ixaris platform makes it easier for developers to integrate payments into their applications, by doing all the plumbing to Visa, Mastercard and other global money transfer networks. It is an Open platform that can be used on social media networks, mobile devices and e-commerce sites.

The Secret Path Developer challenge, with a total prize of $10,000 is a very innovative one. The first step is to build a payment application that can be used to transfer money by the users of the application. When your application is used, there is a potential to uncover virtual treasure chests that Ixaris has placed around the world. So if your money transfer action happens between the two co-ordinates that transects the point where the treasure is buried, then both the sender and receiver stand to win a random amount between $10 to $500. Ixaris has mentioned that they have placed 100 virtual “treasure chests” around the globe.

Developers need to hurry though and there is a clear reason for that. Developers interested in participating in the Secret Path challenge can register at www.secretpathchallenge.com.  Once they have registered, they will be invited to participate in the contest and join the Ixaris Beta Program in December. Ixaris is making it $100 available to the first 50 developers so that they do not have to put in any money upfront to do the transactions. What this means is that you can do small payments from within your application and unlock potential secrets without any immediate cost to you.

Even if you are not among the first 50 developers, you can still register and potentially win with very little upfront cash. You will need to start with your own money, which can be done with a credit/debit card or ACH transfer.  International and domestic transfers and payments as small as $2 will qualify for the potential to win one of the virtual treasure chests around the globe.

As per Ixaris, the contest categories includes: Most Creative application and highest number of users (this will go to the developer that gets the most number of users using their application). Ixaris will be maintaining a leader board on the website so that developers can get a sense of the progress they’re making along with tracking the success of other developers participating in the challenge.

The aim of the competition is for the developer to develop an app which generates the most P2P transfers of money. To do that, the idea is to send money to friends and family and in return encourage them to send along as well. If you are lucky, you may hit a coordinate where a treasure might be hidden. Examples of applications that developers could build are Greeting Card application, a fund raising application for charity and so on.

So get going on the Secret Path challenge and hope you uncover the hidden treasure chests.