The Unofficial Google Plus API--Wait, Which One?

"Time waits for no man." If we bring that to the API world, it seems that developers do not wait for the official API. Google Plus has garnered a lot of mindshare in the last couple of weeks. When we asked is Google Plus API intentionally late many developers answered with their own homegrown APIs and widgets. This follows a rich tradition started with unofficial Google Maps mashups and continued with full-featured, unpublished Instagram API. Both have followed with official APIs and expect the same of Google Plus. But until then, you have the ones below.

Do note that with these unofficial APIs any minor changes by Google at their backend could break these solutions. Readers are also advised to use these extensions with care since some of them end up requesting access to personal information.

Here is a roundup of some of them:

  • Google+Tweet: A full featured Twitter client inside your Google Plus Account.
  • Google+Facebook: A browser extension that lets you view your Facebook stream inside Google Plus. It also allows you to Post to Facebook. Image above from ReadWriteWeb's coverage
  • CircleCount: A web application that takes a Google Plus profile and counts the number of followers and friends.
  • PHP-based Google Plus API: This API provides public user and relationship data in Google Plus. It also allows to post to a users activity stream.
  • Rudimentary Google Plus API: A Read Only JSON API that accepts a Google Plus profile id and gives you profile information and posts. The author, Emlyn O’Regan has also written a tool, Syyncc for tying together various social networks and currently supports extracting out data from Google Plus to other Social networks.
  • Google Plus – Share to Twitter/Facebook : A Chrome browser extension that allows you to share your Google Plus posts to Twitter and Facebook.

A search on Github brings many more results. Developer are not likely to wait and Google in all probability is also taking a look at how developers are working around Google Plus to finalize its API strategy. If you know of other interesting mashups, APIs and browser extensions that work with Google Plus, do share them here.