Unofficial Video Game APIs Help You Know Your Foe

Battlefield Bad Company is a first person shooter for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. It keeps an amazing amount of statistics about its players, including a score, levels, a kill count, and many other things. The site has a good listing of these, in a moderately accessible format. It also offers the Battlefield Bad Company Stats API, so programmers can add this functionality to their applications.

The unofficial API provides a brief overview: offers an API for fetching all BFBC2 Stats data from our database.
This API can be used by software engineers to integrate BFBC2 Stats into their software.
If you use this API, please set a link back to like: Powered by
Commercial use is not permitted.

The API is RESTful, using JSON to format replies. It has a very impressive amount of data available, for those who want to analyze every aspect of their play, and the play of their clan, opposing clans, and rivals. A mobile client made to be usable during gameplay is veyry doable, and would be a boon to any truly serious player of the game. The only real restriction is that it isn't available for commercial use.

APIs for gaming stats like this are a lot of fun for people really serious about their games. Fans of Starcraft II have been clamoring for one for as long as the game has been out. With APIs like this, one could even make their own achievement and ranking system across multiple games, if enough APIs existed. Eventually, we'll be able to do such things, and it'll help the PC remain a viable gaming Platform.

The Halo Reach Stats API is a similar service based on another game, Halo: Reach. These sorts of services, either in current unofficial capacity, or with an expanded, official service, could be the wave of the future in PC gaming. After all, most gamers love the achievement systems on PS3 and Xbox360 and this is another way to extend that beyond the box.

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