Unsplash API Now Completely Open and Free

Unsplash just announced that its "Unsplash API is now 100% open and free to outside developers." Unsplash originally launched its API in late 2015, and has since spent significant resources building a rock solid API for wider use. As Unsplash has improved the API, the company has evolved the API from an internal tool, to over 6,000 third party applications now leveraging the API, and now unfettered access.

"[W]e've decided to make Unsplash API access 100% free--no strings attached. (No pesky rate limits either.)," the company commented in a blog post announcement. "By using the Unsplash API--as opposed to any of the third-party APIs out there--you'll be able to benefit from the Unsplash CDN's lickety-split load times."

As the company has progressed its API strategy, it has connected more features, refined code, cleaned up Documentation, and generally improved the API as a whole. Today, Unsplash runs the company itself on the API. Compared to the original API, the API is more flexible, supports higher request counts, includes new features (e.g. better search, categorization, and continuously-added content), and more.

To get started with the API, register as a developer.  The API provides access to Unsplash's entire Library of over 190,000 photos. Developers can search photos by keyword, which is powered by community generated tags and advanced image recognition. Additionally, developers can pull random photos, which can be narrowed with parameters such as search term, orientation, collection, and user. Developers can also call new photos (Unsplash adds hundreds of new photos on a daily basis).

The latest API docs can be found here. Unsplash has published official JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby libraries. Additionally, the company has made many third-party libraries available on GitHub. Check out what other developers have made with the API at the Made with Unsplash site.

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