Unsplash Opens Entire Stock Photo Library via Two APIs

The stock photo site Unsplash recently launched APIs that grant users access to the site's entire Library of over 30,000 high quality images. The API comes in two flavors: Unsplash Source and an entire JSON API. Unsplash Source serves as a simple way to embed photos directly for quick Integration, Front-end only scenarios. The JSON API provides a RESTful interface for more advanced integrations.

Unsplash launched a few years ago as a basic Tumblr blog. The photos on the blog were free to use. Free, unhindered use paired with the high quality images led to massive popularity in the stock photo space, and Unsplash evolved as a stand alone site that continues to expand its reach. The API strategy stands as the next step in its growth whereby developers can directly access site photos through multiple API integrations.

Unsplash Source requires little setup, and allows developers to pull Unsplash images from certain search terms, categories, locations or users. Further, developers can implement random intervals so apps can offer alternating photo features (e.g. photo of the day, week, etc.). For more information on Unsplash Source, visit the docs.

The full Unsplash JSON API requires a little more setup than Unsplash Source. Developers must first sign up for the developer program and then register the app intended to integrate with the API. Unsplash has already partnered with photo manipulation apps (e.g. Over) which should give developers an idea of the possibilities surrounding Unsplash API integration.

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