Update to Facebook SDK 3.1 for iOS, Includes iOS 6 Facebook Integration

Facebook has updated the Facebook SDK 3.1 for iOS, adding the ability to integrate Facebook in iOS 6 as well as other new features. Apple has added several new native features in iOS 6 including Auth dialog and view controller (share dialog). The Facebook SDK supports the use of these APIs.

Facebook SDK

Native Login Dialog and Native Share Dialog. -- Image Credit: Facebook

The Auth dialog that has been built into iOS 6 is a native way to include Facebook Login in mobile applications without the need to make a fast-app-switch. Per Facebook, please note that:

"To use iOS 6 native auth, apps need to change the way they request permissions from users - apps must separate their requests for read and write permissions."

The native view controller built into iOS 6 provides users the ability to post status updates, photos and other content to Facebook. It is also possible for users to set the audience for posts and tag posts with a location.

Although developers can use the iOS 6 native view controller API directly in their applications, Facebook recommends using the one provided in the SDK.

Other new features included in the updated Facebook SDK 3.1 for iOS include:

  • Native, ready-to-use UI controls - Pre-built User Interface controls include Friend Picker, Places Picker, Profile Picture Control and Login Controls.
  • Seamless Facebook Login across iOS versions - Applications are able to work seamlessly on iOS versions 4.0+ as well as iOS 6.
  • Easy session management - This includes a new FBSession API that "manages, stores, and refreshes user tokens."
  • Improved API support - Improved performance of API calls as the code needed to call Facebook Graph and other APIs can now be minimized by using batched API requests.

The Facebook SDK 3.1 for iOS can be used by mobile app developers to help create social applications for iOS and iOS 6 that incorporate Facebook Login and sharing functionality,

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